Your Values, Talents and Security

The 2nd section of your Foundation or Complete reading relates to your values on the material level and is attuned to the 1st section. The level of consciousness related to in this section pertains to your CREATIVITY. These are the potentials of your artistic and inventive talents. As you learn to bring your values and talents into harmony with your passions and self-expression, your sense of security brings you peace akin to bliss.

The values defined by the planetary aspects in this section determine how you acquire property and possessions. In creating your experiences you learn to adapt the variables of these situations to your passions as you create the world around you with your choices moment by moment. Your sense of empathy then adapts the nuances of your creation with the collective. This helps you integrate your choices with the choices of those around you weaving the intricacies of duality into your creations.

Keeping in tune with those values you find important will keep you empowered. When you feel dependent on fulfilling the values of those influences outside of your own connection to Gaia you may feel a need to jumpstart your creativity using desire, anger and pride. Though these energies seem to supply you with power, they do not empower since these levels of consciousness are still dependent on something outside of you. Notice which way you focus your eyes when you use those levels of consciousness while creating.

By stopping and consciously focusing your vision upwards, thinking of and surrounding yourself with that which you love you will find yourself empowered by courage. As you adapt and integrate, a feeling of neutrality will arise within you leading to a willingness, not only to accept your own empowerment, but also to facilitate the empowerment of everyone in your creation.

Remain In The Light,

David Lee Williamson

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