Your Physical Body, SELF Expression and Personality

This is the title of the 1st section of your story, given in your Foundation and Complete readings, and reveals the highest potentials of your outer personality and physical constitution. In this section you will learn how you interact with your environment. This is the meeting point between you and the external world.

The potentials revealed through the interactions of the planets show how the world sees you via the light you bring to the planet. These potentials anchor you to Gaia and the planetary grids. These are the potentials you use to attune the higher universal energies to her to help maintain the efficiency of her magnetic, crystalline and gravitational grids.

Gaia’s grids also attune your life force to hers through these grids, allowing you to transcend the mere survival codes of your DNA, filling you with inspiration for high creative service. Within, you carry a supporting passion for life, which is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep you alive. This passion stems from pure love and an innate understanding of your divinity.

At birth, most babies know they are worthy of love and attention and know they will be taken care of unconditionally. Babies and young children are nearly always looking upward from their vantage point. Remember to look up. Programming, from your past lives, tends to color your experiences, so that, worthiness issues start to be imprinted and rewritten by these experiences.

If you hand over your power, and submit to an outside authority, you tend to “bow” to their orders. If you later change your mind and wish to live differently than the outside authority allows, this may cause you to look down and loose your inner balance. Shame, guilt, apathy, grief, and/or fear may arise in you as your passion for life begins feeling that you have endangered yourself. “Will this higher authority still love us?” we ask ourselves, “Will we loose the promised rewards?” etc.

Through these potentials you become empowered from within. Use them to feel your inner passion for life through your connection to the grids. Whenever your awareness of your creation doesn’t feel good, simply stop everything and look upward. Think of, and surround yourself with, the things that make you feel wonderful. Your inner baby knows you are worthy of it.

Loving Light,

David Lee Williamson

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