Your Motivations, Impulses, Intentions and Desires

From the time of your birth, in your earliest newborn environment, your motivations and impulses had already begun expression in your interactions with those around you. These natural expressions from the planetary aspects governing this part of your life give you an inner sense of protection.

Your character was already in place and this shaped the foundation for the development of your insights and intuition–your consciousness. This 3rd section of your Foundation or Complete reading is a connection point for your highest self. It is the seat of your will. (The aspects found in your 5th section are what regulate this energy of the 3rd.)

It is possible to see these potentials expressing in your experiences, in your direct personal contact with your personal environment. You have developed a distinct set of habits in expressing your intentions.

This level of consciousness, gives you the power of DISCERNMENT. This is the level of knowledge and reason where you form the opinions and beliefs that give you the ideas used to produce thought forms that give you the drive and assertion to set and implement the choices you make. As your judgments, opinions and beliefs empower you, they also empower those in your energetic field, thus you feel wonderful and find yourself looking upward.

When you find your judgments, etc. causing you to look down, smiling and laughing at yourself helps you begin doing and thinking things that raise your consciousness.

In Loving Light,

David Lee Williamson

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