Your Home and Foundation Through Your Family and Ancestry

This section shows the soil that secures the foundation in which you are rooted. It is through the planetary aspects in this section that your incarnation descends. These potentials form the heart and fundamental rhythms of your expression in this life.

Deeply examining these energies will guide you in remembering your own Divinity. In this section you find life energy through stored emotional memories.

The influences of these potentials begin to mobilize and direct the energies, found in this section, spontaneously. This is sometimes referred to as having a gut feeling. Following the potentials here will help dissolve your doubts and fears helping to alleviate stress in your life.

These potentials reveal how your heritage influences your present expression. Being aware of the energies contained here empowers the Will energies presented in the 3rd section of your Foundation or Complete reading and can help lead you to full consciousness.

The level of consciousness here is LOVE and HEALING. Here you find the means to be compassionate and the ability to communicate and form relationships. The higher consciousness here is childlike, showing you how to have fun as you merge with your divinity and explore your oneness.

Some cultures honor or even worship their ancestors. This is a tool that helps them to raise their focus when reflecting on the lineage they have incarnated through.

Whenever you experience problems with a relationship, it is important that you take the person or object that is making you look down and raise them up by acknowledging their divinity. Just the act of looking upward at them will begin to heal your ability to relate with them.

With Divine Love

David Lee Williamson

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