Neptune Retrograde

Neptune has just gone retrograde, June 3 through November 9, 2011. Neptune rules secrets. While it is retrograde all veils of secrecy are being lifted. Our intuition is opening within us enabling us to pick up on the illusive. Doors are opening now and the knowledge and wisdom of the Akasha is available during retrograde Neptune.

All of this on top of the triple eclipse we began moving through on June 1. Neptune is transiting Aquarius since November 1998 until February 2012. It is peaking into Pisces briefly from April 4 to August 5, 2011 for the first time since its discovery in 1846.

It is time to focus on our spiritual path as everything we need for ascending our consciousness is opening before us. Focused meditations on our Pineal gland blossoming like a pinecone opening to reveal its fruits will be very transformational. Celebrate the fruits of your spiritual path as you congratulate yourself for how far you have come.

In The Light,

David Lee Williamson

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