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There has been a new energy on the earth recently. The energy of Ascension has been changing the consciousness of people all around the planet and great changes are being demanded everywhere.

The cause of this transformation is the movement of the magnetic grid of the planet. By embracing the qualities of the new energy and letting go of the old energy paradigms we are partaking of the empowerment the present shift is awakening within us.

The ascending influences of astrology are empowering us now and it's time to claim the highest potentials available to us. We are no longer caught up in the struggles of resisting the influences "being done to us" by the stars and planets. It is time to take up our own empowerment and use the highest potentials available through the present energies of astrology.

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The next large wave we see that you will experience profoundly is a total solar eclipse on May 20th. In the path of this total solar eclipse, your dimension will begin an entire reboot of its operating system on your Earth. As the sun is blocked so perfectly by your moon, in this very still, no-time place, a new operation system will be created and uploaded into your body as well as your world, solar system and universe. Remember that this is a universal shift and recalibration . . . not just a planetary one. We are shifting with you, as well as Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms. We are all transforming together as ONE in UNITY. If you are in the path of the shadow of this eclipse, the download will be quicker, more complete and graceful. You will become the living messengers for this new download for the rest of the world that did not have the luxury to travel into the eclipse path. This new operating system will begin to spread across the Earth over some time (a month or two). Again we strongly say, gather with fearless ones on the days surrounding this reboot. Gather with ones that come from the inner knowledge of Love, trust and truth that this transformation of our reality is already victorious.

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Planet Alert April 2012

By Admin on behalf of Mahala…

April is an active month, highlighted by three planetary stations and another grand earth trine at the New Moon. Significant transitions can occur this month. Mercury and Mars turn direct by mid-month, allowing us to move forward with new goals and activities.

The month begins under the waxing March New Moon in Aries, with an energetic, restless and independent theme. Due to the retrograde cycles, it hasn’t been a good time for taking direct action. We may be feeling impatient and have pent up energies that await release. This is still a favorable time to receive fresh new ideas and insights that may lead to taking action later in the month.

On April 4, Mercury turns direct at 24 Pisces. During the past three weeks, we may have felt our energy being scattered in many directions, which has made it harder to stay focused or make decisions. Mercury will be in Pisces until April 17, giving us an opportunity to more finely tune our intuitive senses and inner guidance. Now is a good time to pay attention to our deeper feeling impulses, inspirations and dreams. Creative activities, such as music and art, can also stimulate and expand our intuitive, right-brain side. Mercury enters Aries on April 18, which will be a better time for taking direct action.

The Full Moon occurs on April 6 at 17 Libra. Libra themes include harmony, cooperation, equality and seeing both sides of an issue; the shadow side is being indecisive and seeking peace at any price. This is a good period for looking at how we can better meet our own personal needs within close relationships. A Sun/Neptune aspect may bring some confusion, but can also infuse us with greater compassion for ourselves and others. The Sabian symbols for these degrees, “An empty hammock stretched between two trees,” and “Two men placed under arrest” suggest the importance of cooperation and balance in our inner and outer lives.

On April 10, Pluto in Capricorn turns retrograde, which allows us to reassess how we are processing deeper issues, especially those connected to finances and relationships. Underlying power and control dynamics can also emerge. Issues from the past can come up to be transformed or released during these next several months (until September 18).

Mars in Virgo turns direct on April 13, which brings renewed momentum for accomplishing our personal goals. The retrograde period of the past several weeks may have brought blocks or delays, but now results can manifest in a more tangible form. We can also act with more confidence, organization and discernment.

The New Moon occurs on April 21 at 1 Taurus 35. This month will be favorable for examining the areas of finances, personal resources and values. We can see more clearly the relationship between our values, beliefs and what we manifest into our lives. What beneficial changes can we make? Taurus favors taking a more practical, deliberate and patient approach. There is also a harmonious grand earth trine (Sun/Moon, Pluto and Mars) that can open new doors and create opportunities for prosperity. The alignment between the Sun/Moon and Ceres in Taurus reminds us that it is important to support each other and to care for our precious natural resources. This month is also favorable for enjoying sensory experiences, such as going to a spa, having a massage or enjoying a nature walk. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “An electrical storm; the cosmic power able to transform all the implications of natural existence” suggests that we have the power for manifesting positive life changes, which can come very quickly.

On April 22, Mercury will align with Uranus in Aries for the third and last time in this cycle. Whatever was planned or started back in early March can now be completed easily and with greater success. We are also more likely to receive creative ideas at this time that appear as sudden flashes of intuition.

The month ends on a favorable note, as the Sun makes harmonious trine aspects with both Mars and Pluto from April 23-29 (reinforcing the earlier grand earth trine). These aspects provide a harmonious source of empowerment and outer drive for greater accomplishments and opportunities for fulfillment. Have a great month!

May brings a Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Stay tuned!
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Kryon is coming to Dallas, TX March 3-4, 2012

Special current events program with

Lee Carroll

LIVE Kryon channels EACH DAY!


2012 is HERE!

Lee follows up with the latest on the

controversial 2012 date with all NEW info!


SUNDAY: Lee & Amber!

Practicing Quantum

Lee brings his humor and recent teachings
of Kryon to answer this for Lightworkers:
What are the differences between the
consciousness of Spirit and Humans? Can
they be understood? What exercises can
we do to improve our intuitive quantumness?
Are life goals really necessary? What are
the practicalities of living a quantum life?


has channeled Kryon for 20 years worldwide and is the author of the Kryon Series of 15 books in 24 languages. Well known in Metaphysics, Kryon books have made the top seller’s list within months of release. One of his books, The Indigo Children, introduced the term “Indigo Children” to the world. Having presented 7 times at the United Nations and in 30 countries overseas, Lee attracts audiences in the thousands.

is a Kryon Discovery Series facilitator, an internationally known teacher, author, healer and recording artist. A PhD in Holistic Science and Alternative Therapies, she has dedicated her life to holistic health care and spiritual living. Along with her extensive profession training, Dr. Wolf brings her warmth and intuitive wisdom to heal and transform the many lives she touches through seminars and individual sessions.


Saturday and Sunday, March 3-4, 2012

The times for this 2 Day Event will be:
Noon to 5:30 pm on Saturday and
2 pm to 8 pm on Sunday w/ dinner break

Doors open 11 am Saturday – 1 pm Sunday

Spiritual Fitness Center

300 North Coit #179
Richardson, Tx 75080

Click here for Hotel Accommodations

Event Fee is $95 for one day or
$160 for both days.

with on-line registration

Food and drink facility on site


Contact David Williamson 972-734-2778 or


Please arrive early to check in and select your seat.

It is very common for Lee (and Kryon) to go overtime, so get a flexible babysitter! We will try to stay on schedule, but be prepared to stay later so you don’t miss any of the channeling at the end.

There will be [light refreshments, beverages] served during three breaks. There will not be a meal break on Saturday so please eat a late or hearty meal before coming. There will be food available for purchase during dinner break on Sunday. It is OK to bring a snack and water bottle. No food is allowed in the sanctuary.

Wear comfortable clothing and please avoid fragrances.

Photographs and audio recording are permitted (no video, please) provided that it is for your personal use. They may not be shared in any way without written consent.

Remember to bring your Kryon and Indigo books for Lee to sign! There will be books and DVDs available for purchase at the event.


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Vital Concepts You Need To Know, On How Astrology Works

Are you able to see the accuracy of astrology but are unable to understand how it is possible for the stars and planets to affect your life?

Discover the most concise explanation you can find and you will not have to wonder any more. This is jewel is from Kryon.com

“The sun is the fulcrum of the solar system and the center of the energy of life for you. There is a physical mechanism for the sending of information from the sun to the other planets and it’s called the solar wind. This energy stream carries with it whatever pattern of inter-dimensional energy the sun has at that moment, and delivers it to whatever is in reach of the sun’s magnetic field [the Helios]. It’s always there, but it has cycles of intensity. Although science sees the solar wind as an energy player in the solar system, they have yet to see the inter-dimensional patterns it carries to the planets as this wind blasts out from the sun.

These patterns reflect the posturing of the sun as the other planets exhibit their tugs and pulls on it via gravity and magnetism (both are inter-dimensional energies). Therefore these sun patterns change continuously as the planets provide new gravitational and magnetic situations to the sun.

When the solar wind, carrying this sun pattern, hits the Earth, it deposits the pattern upon the magnetic grid. The magnetic grid is dynamic (changes all the time), and is responsive to being constantly re-patterned. The grid lines of the planet alter the pattern slightly due to fact that your grids aren’t consistent and have greater and lesser areas of influence in different Earth locations.

Human DNA is sensitive to magnetism, since it is a magnetic engine itself. At birth, when the child is separated from the parent, there is a signal sent to the brain of the infant that says, “Your system is now active and on it’s own, apart from your mother”. During that first breath of independent and unique life, the child’s DNA receives the pattern from the magnetism of the Earth’s grid, and takes on what you have come to call astrological attributes.

Different places on the planet will carry the basic pattern, plus or minus what Earth’s magnetic field has contributed due to geographic location. This explains why world-class astrology must take into consideration the location of birth. Astocartography is also based on this principle.

Astrology is the oldest science on the planet, and can be proven to be accurate. In addition, generic astrology is also a significant influence in Humanism, from the cycles of the female’s system, to the profound changes in Human behavior when the moon in full. You can’t separate yourself from it, and those who don’t believe in it might as well not believe in breathing, because it’s that much of an influence on your life.

The new energy on the planet invites you to change your DNA. This is the teaching of Kryon. When you change your DNA, you’re working with the very core of the pattern you had at birth, and so you’re able to then work on some of the attributes of your astrological blueprint, and actually change it-even neutralize it. We told you all about that in 1989. Masters did this, and you’re now coming into a time where your abilities are those of the masters. Look into your life and eliminate the things that are challenges and keep the attributes that support you. This is the true balanced Human Being.

You can change your sensitivity to attributes within your own individual astrology type, but the generic influences of the planets’ and moon’s movements will always affect you to some degree, since you’re not an island apart from others. These would be things such as retrogrades and the moon’s influence (as indicated).

You might say, I’m no longer affected by retrogrades and sit and smile all you want. Meanwhile, you still shouldn’t sign contracts during that time, since all those around you are still affected. Think about it.”
More information is available at Kryon.com

Loving Light,

David Lee Williamson

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Neptune Retrograde

Neptune has just gone retrograde, June 3 through November 9, 2011. Neptune rules secrets. While it is retrograde all veils of secrecy are being lifted. Our intuition is opening within us enabling us to pick up on the illusive. Doors are opening now and the knowledge and wisdom of the Akasha is available during retrograde Neptune.

All of this on top of the triple eclipse we began moving through on June 1. Neptune is transiting Aquarius since November 1998 until February 2012. It is peaking into Pisces briefly from April 4 to August 5, 2011 for the first time since its discovery in 1846.

It is time to focus on our spiritual path as everything we need for ascending our consciousness is opening before us. Focused meditations on our Pineal gland blossoming like a pinecone opening to reveal its fruits will be very transformational. Celebrate the fruits of your spiritual path as you congratulate yourself for how far you have come.

In The Light,

David Lee Williamson

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Your Subconscious, Shadows and the Collective

The potentials found in this section of both your Foundation and Complete readings, assist you in connecting to your talents and creative gifts. Here are the sources of your desire for harmony, both inner and outer.

This is where you find the source of your internal self-love as well as the love or compassion you feel for others. The potentials of the 5th section of your reading and this section are intimately entwined.

The planetary aspects found in this section control how you perceive reality as well as how you will fulfill your chosen life plan. Whether you passively accept your experience, or rebel spiritually–you truly affect your creation.

This comes about through the power of your collective memories and the expression of your deepest feelings. These feelings are key to illuminating the shadows you encounter throughout your life.

Peace To You,

David Lee Williamson

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Your Goals, Aspirations, Associations and Friendships

The potentials that are found in this section of your Foundation and Complete readings direct the power of your aspirations within society, as you work within groups. This power is released as you partake in activities within your profession or the clubs or fraternities you interact within.

Embedded in these energies is your connection to the energies of universal source, helping you to transcend any feeling of separation. As you take ownership of the potentials provided by these aspects you experience joy in your achievements and social successes.

Incorporating the energy established in this section empowers you to interpret the truths of your Akasha, where all of your past knowledge and wisdom is found.

Loving Light,

David Lee Williamson

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Your Career and Ambitions–Achievements and Successes

This section of your Foundation and Complete readings has to do with VISION. These potentials are used to draw in frequencies of higher light. As you find balance here you are ready to receive visions and messages from higher vibratory states.

This level of consciousness is the switch for all other levels of our consciousness and each level of our consciousness is connected to it. Applying these potentials, you ease your integration into society and your public status in the community.

No matter what level you are creating from, when you focus your vision upward you connect to this switch. While looking up from this level you automatically envision your divine path, and come to know your highest purpose. This is the level, from which you find PEACE.

These are the potentials that reveal your ambitions and achievements.

Peace and Light,

David Lee Williamson

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Your Life Purpose and Connection to Source and the Universe

This section of your Foundation and Complete readings shows how you interpret symbols and words. The potentials here reveal the process of your clairvoyance and the way you construe emotionally charged pictures sent by multidimensional realities as they communicate with you clairvoyantly.

These symbols help you to develop a relationship with the complex issues of the universe. Your understandings of religious concepts derive from your interpretations of the symbolic, including the symbols you receive in your mystical visions. Clarity then surrounds your soul purpose giving you direction and discernment on the next step of your spiritual journey.

The aspects in this section are the ones that you use to find meaning in your experiences, and the understandings that you have gained.

These potentials provide you a way of knowing and understanding. You use these aspects to reference your experiences of the oneness, which come from your enquiries into mystical and philosophical areas.

Remembrance of your divinity comes from your higher mind in dreams and visions.

Love From The Light,

David Lee Williamson

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Your Outer Support, Transformation and Regeneration

The Potentials of this section of your Foundation and Complete readings apply to your business associations and other partnerships and opportunities including how you relate to inter-dimensional individuals you interact with.

Nurturing the energies found here enhances the connection your consciousness has with information from higher dimensions. Your abilities to communicate telepathically are heightened by utilizing these potentials.

You use these energies in the management of your support from outside sources, including areas of your private assets. You are being shown ways to transform and regenerate areas of your life to include others.

In The Light,

David Lee Williamson

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