Vital Concepts You Need To Know, On How Astrology Works

Are you able to see the accuracy of astrology but are unable to understand how it is possible for the stars and planets to affect your life?

Discover the most concise explanation you can find and you will not have to wonder any more. This is jewel is from

“The sun is the fulcrum of the solar system and the center of the energy of life for you. There is a physical mechanism for the sending of information from the sun to the other planets and it’s called the solar wind. This energy stream carries with it whatever pattern of inter-dimensional energy the sun has at that moment, and delivers it to whatever is in reach of the sun’s magnetic field [the Helios]. It’s always there, but it has cycles of intensity. Although science sees the solar wind as an energy player in the solar system, they have yet to see the inter-dimensional patterns it carries to the planets as this wind blasts out from the sun.

These patterns reflect the posturing of the sun as the other planets exhibit their tugs and pulls on it via gravity and magnetism (both are inter-dimensional energies). Therefore these sun patterns change continuously as the planets provide new gravitational and magnetic situations to the sun.

When the solar wind, carrying this sun pattern, hits the Earth, it deposits the pattern upon the magnetic grid. The magnetic grid is dynamic (changes all the time), and is responsive to being constantly re-patterned. The grid lines of the planet alter the pattern slightly due to fact that your grids aren’t consistent and have greater and lesser areas of influence in different Earth locations.

Human DNA is sensitive to magnetism, since it is a magnetic engine itself. At birth, when the child is separated from the parent, there is a signal sent to the brain of the infant that says, “Your system is now active and on it’s own, apart from your mother”. During that first breath of independent and unique life, the child’s DNA receives the pattern from the magnetism of the Earth’s grid, and takes on what you have come to call astrological attributes.

Different places on the planet will carry the basic pattern, plus or minus what Earth’s magnetic field has contributed due to geographic location. This explains why world-class astrology must take into consideration the location of birth. Astocartography is also based on this principle.

Astrology is the oldest science on the planet, and can be proven to be accurate. In addition, generic astrology is also a significant influence in Humanism, from the cycles of the female’s system, to the profound changes in Human behavior when the moon in full. You can’t separate yourself from it, and those who don’t believe in it might as well not believe in breathing, because it’s that much of an influence on your life.

The new energy on the planet invites you to change your DNA. This is the teaching of Kryon. When you change your DNA, you’re working with the very core of the pattern you had at birth, and so you’re able to then work on some of the attributes of your astrological blueprint, and actually change it-even neutralize it. We told you all about that in 1989. Masters did this, and you’re now coming into a time where your abilities are those of the masters. Look into your life and eliminate the things that are challenges and keep the attributes that support you. This is the true balanced Human Being.

You can change your sensitivity to attributes within your own individual astrology type, but the generic influences of the planets’ and moon’s movements will always affect you to some degree, since you’re not an island apart from others. These would be things such as retrogrades and the moon’s influence (as indicated).

You might say, I’m no longer affected by retrogrades and sit and smile all you want. Meanwhile, you still shouldn’t sign contracts during that time, since all those around you are still affected. Think about it.”
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Loving Light,

David Lee Williamson

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