Your Life Purpose and Connection to Source and the Universe

This section of your Foundation and Complete readings shows how you interpret symbols and words. The potentials here reveal the process of your clairvoyance and the way you construe emotionally charged pictures sent by multidimensional realities as they communicate with you clairvoyantly.

These symbols help you to develop a relationship with the complex issues of the universe. Your understandings of religious concepts derive from your interpretations of the symbolic, including the symbols you receive in your mystical visions. Clarity then surrounds your soul purpose giving you direction and discernment on the next step of your spiritual journey.

The aspects in this section are the ones that you use to find meaning in your experiences, and the understandings that you have gained.

These potentials provide you a way of knowing and understanding. You use these aspects to reference your experiences of the oneness, which come from your enquiries into mystical and philosophical areas.

Remembrance of your divinity comes from your higher mind in dreams and visions.

Love From The Light,

David Lee Williamson

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