Myra Dianne Williamson’s Highest Ascended Expression

Please understand that what you accept and own about yourself forms the identity you assume. Your higher self is the true you, embodying your Highest Ascended Expression. By acknowledging you are your highest self, you begin intimately connecting to the divine source of the universe.

Masters understand that just as a human child is a human, so a child of god is a god. This is your new identity, now, as you raise your consciousness and remember who you are. Welcome your newly realized divinity. Your opening heart is ready to receive this.

Acknowledge who you really are!!!

How you express to those around you is revealed below in the description of your potential natural talents and abilities. Your friends may be able to see this in you before you do because this is your innate expression and is how those around you see you. As you acknowledge the attributes of your highest potentials, this expression becomes more pronounced, especially as you begin to gracefully accept your Divine heritage…

“Your quiet strength and determination inspires others to trust you. You are very dependable, loving and patient. You have a definite purpose in everything you do. You accomplish your desires through sheer persistence and stamina. You can be a stabilizing, grounding force for the people around you, which is part of your soul-purpose.

You are sensuous and you fill your life with personal comfort and physical pleasure. You are practical with an appreciative eye for both monetary value as well as aesthetic beauty. You are a lover of nature and natural things. Your harmony in life is tied to reality and the material world.

You love music and art and have considerable talent in these areas. You have a pleasant speaking or singing voice. You have a lively sense of humor, and enjoy socializing.

Your soul development in this lifetime involves fully immersing yourself in matter, the physical world, and your senses. You very much enjoy the fruits of the earth in a simple, uncomplicated way.

You have a deep rapport with nature and its rhythms, and if you cannot live in the country, you need at least to have a view of some natural beauty or to be surrounded with living or growing things. You have a strong affinity for plants. Regular contact with the land, forests, mountains, or your garden restores you.”

“You Are Divine Love”

These are your Highest Potentials. There are many diverse ways of expression and you may choose another way to express elevated consciousness in the world.

However, manifesting these potentials in your life will require less effort, since they are already part of your makeup.

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