David Lee Williamson’s Highest Ascended Expression

Please understand that what you accept and own about yourself forms the identity you assume. Your higher self is the true you, embodying your Highest Ascended Expression. By acknowledging you are your highest self, you begin intimately connecting to the divine source of the universe.

Masters understand that just as a human child is a human, so a child of god is a god. This is your new identity, now, as you raise your consciousness and remember who you are. Welcome your newly realized divinity. Your opening heart is ready to receive this.

Acknowledge who you really are!!!

How you express to those around you is revealed below in the description of your potential natural talents and abilities. Your friends may be able to see this in you before you do because this is your innate expression and is how those around you see you. As you acknowledge the attributes of your highest potentials, this expression becomes more pronounced, especially as you begin to gracefully accept your Divine heritage…

“You are granted authority in religious realms. You understand and teach the meanings revealed to you by ancient wisdom. Other highly placed personalities recognize your wisdom and become your patrons.

Famous in areas of the arts, you are fond of traveling. You do good, are valorous, and strong. You possess a significant leadership personality.

You understand and accept your part in the larger social order of all men. Vital life force is your celestial heritage and you use it to inspire others as well as yourself.

You are a doer. When you set out to accomplish something you are determined to succeed. You are a responsible “take-charge person” on whom others rely to get things moving.

The truth that each of us is essentially alone and that we must ultimately answer to ourselves regarding our choices in life is one that resonates deeply within you. Thus, your first loyalty is to yourself and to living your own life as authentically as possible.

When you are most yourself, you are a risk taker, a trailblazer, forging your own path rather than following anyone else’s lead. You have the courage to do so, boldly asserting yourself and following your own star – standing alone when necessary – fulfilling your life purpose.

You love being an original or a pioneer. Your independence, autonomy, and freedom are very important to you, and at heart you really do not want to be distracted from your purposes or encumbered by responsibilities unrelated to your path. Your lifestyle and work reflect your strong impulses to be self-reliant as well as to create something NEW, reflecting in you as inner harmony. In this lifetime you are charged with the assignment of being a creative force and a leader, of breaking new ground, doing things, which are unprecedented and original.

You want those around you to be fulfilled and you balance that desire with fulfillment of your own self-interests.

You are spiritually inclined, the harnessing and using of anger constructively, helps you on your path.

You are self-motivated and self-sustaining. While you can learn from a teacher or a master, you must recognize that ultimately your truth lies within, and you have to paddle your own canoe. Uncompromising honesty and reliance on your own resources are required.”

“You Are Divine Love”

These are your Highest Potentials. There are many diverse ways of expression and you may choose another way to express elevated consciousness in the world.

However, manifesting these potentials in your life will require less effort, since they are already part of your makeup.

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