Levels Of Consciousness

Having examined some of the empowering concepts the masters use to empower their lives it is time to begin examining our varying levels of consciousness.

Following our passions and living our dreams is akin to following a path along a precipice through the mountains. As long as we keep our focus ahead and take things step by steps toward our subsequent goal, keeping a clear vision of where we are going, we will easily move along our path.

Only by failing to have a clear vision and looking down from our visions, do we loose our balance. Have you ever worried about whether you will suddenly fall from the sidewalk and into the grass when you were taking a walk? The steep drop-offs along the edge of the cliff present no more danger to us than the grass along the side of the sidewalk. It is the illusion that the drop offs are dangerous that puts us off balance.

So one of the most important understandings we need to be able to follow our passions is, “don’t look down”. By seeing clearly where we are going we then safely and quickly arrive where we are heading without even knowing how we did it. All of us have done this while driving a car, riding a bike or doing something else.

It may seem odd but the way we focus our attention has a great bearing in how we feel.

Try it yourself, focus your eyes upward and try to feel sad or angry. It is difficult to feel these emotions when we look up with our eyes. Now look downwards with your eyes and try to feel love or joy. Of course it is possible with some effort but joy does not come natural when we focus our eyes downward nor does anger come easily while focusing our eyes up.

Looking up has a natural empowering feeling and focusing our eyes downwards can easily disempower us. Think of something that empowers you or disempowers you and where do your eyes focus? This is the source of the description of feeling up or feeling down.

Understanding this mechanism of consciousness gives us a seemingly magical tool we can use to change our experience in an instant. The reason we look down when we feel disempowered is that we are looking for support, we feel needy. Lower levels of consciousness come from a place of need.

To immediately gain a new sense of empowerment all we need do is focus our eyes upward. This may seem simplistic but that is because it is a very simple process and it works. When we feel empowered we naturally look upwards. This is the reason higher levels of consciousness cause us to radiate because we are so energized. Instead of feeling needy we add value to the creation around us.

There are many ways that masters have used to quickly raise not only their own consciousness but also that of their followers. Using ideas of heaven, higher selves, etc. The use of raised altars, stages and podiums cause us to automatically look and focus our consciousness upward. This can cause an immediate feeling of empowerment to come over us. We can arrange our environment in ways that focus our attention up and we will effectively raise our consciousness.

Our sense of smell is also a very powerful stimulus that can assist in raising our consciousness to levels of empowerment. If you enjoy the scents of roses and flowers, take notice of how these scents cause you to automatically look upwards. Incense, etc. work just as well. What we enjoy may not be what someone else enjoys. It is therefore difficult to make a blanket statement such as, “jasmine will raise your consciousness”. Odors that we do not enjoy cause us to cringe and we, usually, naturally look downward.

Then there is the power of music. Some music fills us with feelings of love, joy or peace. This music therefore causes us to look upward and can be used to entrain our consciousness to empowered states.

Filling the scenery around us with beautiful objects, sounds, smells etc. helps raise our consciousness to levels of empowerment.

More soon.

Loving Light,

David Lee Williamson

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