More Empowering Concepts That Compel Us To Raise Our Consciousness

The concept, that we are UNLIMITED and ONE WITH ALL THAT IS, empowers the life of a master. Throughout our known history on this planet we have stories about our relationship with ethereal beings such as those we call angels etc., but, especially in the western traditions, we have dismissed as myth our unlimited connection to the great diversity of our family all around the universe.

It is hard for the western sciences to describe something as infinite. They describe the universe as having a beginning and even postulate how it will all end. The unlimited consciousness that is beginning to reawaken in us now includes the eternity that extends into the past and also the eternity that extends into the future.

In my journey in this incarnation, as I began to remember my eternalness, my life began changing. I would love to be able to jog your memories of your past. My first suggestion is for you to meditate on your ETERNAL life. Open your intuition to whatever comes up through your emotions and discover where it leads you. As you do this, no matter how seemingly small the memories seem to be, begin to celebrate your re-awakening.

At this time in our evolution we are beginning to wake up to the fact that everything is divine. The elements themselves are divine. Our elemental bodies are divine. Masters, such as Jesus and St. Germain ascended their elemental bodies to immortal inter-dimensional bodies by accepting and reactivating their divinity.

Our “junk” DNA contains the inter-dimensional information that is presently being reactivated within us. The elemental human form was developed millions of years ago as a vehicle with which to experience density. It can be experienced on any level we choose from the finer ethereal elements to the density we have incarnated into recently on this planet. Originally we freely experienced throughout all levels of manifestation, and as we fully reactivate our DNA we will resume its divine unlimited attributes.

Even as recently as the time of Atlantis and Lemuria we commonly incarnated for 1000 to 2000 years, sometimes much longer. As researchers in manifestation, our decisions to leave one incarnation and to reincarnate were always celebrated. After all we never forgot who we were, and in any new incarnation we knew our friends and family and they knew us.

This “junk” DNA is slowly being re-activated within us. The process is speeding up with the changes in the magnetic and most recently crystalline grids of the planet. Our voluntary deactivation of this part of our DNA has given us experiences that have reintegrated us on levels that are raising our consciousness out of the victim/perpetrator mode that has caused so many problems throughout the galaxy.

As we reassume our divine identities, we FIRST accept and own that we are intimately connected to the divine source of the universe. Next, as we truly accept and own that we are unlimited and connected to all that is, our expression becomes boundless and infinite. We are again cultivating the understanding that “all that is” is divine and eternal.

It is time to own our “true identity” by proclaiming we are divine, we are source, we are the ONE. Emulating the masters by announcing, the “Father and I are One”, “the Mother and I are One”, “I AM”!!!

In recent decades some gurus have upset the status quo and caused quite a stir by making the statement “I AM God”. These masters understand that just as a human child is a human, so a child of god is a god. This is our new identity now, as we raise our consciousness and remember who we are.

I AM ONE with all of you and I love you,

David Lee Williamson

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