Discover The Highest Potentials That Form The Foundation Of Your Life


This is the interpretation of your life based on the time you chose to be born. It forms the basis of your Complete Unique Ascension Astrology Reading.

In it you will learn of the highest potentials that form the Foundation of your present incarnation. Ascension Astrology is developed to inspire you to raise your consciousness to the highest levels possible in this lifetime. This reading covers 12 areas of your life, from your identity to career to relationships and the subconscious etc.

Your Ascension Astrology Foundation Reading shows you the highest possibilities invested in your energetic makeup at the time of your birth. It is your free will that determines which of these you choose to manifest in your life, and this reading reveals the traits that are inherent in your personality and easiest to manifest. You have these tools available right now. You may choose to focus on one of them or all of them.

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