Your Creativity, Life Purpose and Vision

In this section of your Foundation or Complete reading you find the planetary aspects revealing your highest potentials. These potentials give you the vision that you project onto your creation. This vision originates from your personal ties to inter-dimensional realms. These aspects reveal your planetary, evolutionary purpose as an agent for the great collective consciousness, Source.

As you express these potentials, you become a lens, condensing and bringing your great light into focus. This is the point at which the power of your vision can operate in your creation for the achievement of your purpose. Here you find the point of pure thought, the giving and receiving of unconditional love that balances your life force, releasing your fears related to love and intimacy. By allowing pure love to fill your being, your body is enabled to operate at peak efficiency.

This is the consciousness level of your EXPRESSION. This level leads you to where you express your understanding of yourself. The highest level of expression here is the JOY of your divine source. Focusing your vision upwards from this level of your consciousness fills you with gratitude and pleasure.

The way in which these creative processes work within your consciousness, and how they are conditioned as you follow your hunches and the power of your imagination, are revealed here.

Loving Light,

David Lee Williamson

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