Empowering Concepts, Raising Consciousness Towards Ascension

One of the FIRST Empowering CONCEPTS then, is to acknowledge and own your direct connection with your highest divine consciousness – the SOURCE of your creation. You are one with the Mother/Father creators of this universe. Owning this concept is the foundation of your empowerment.

The NEXT empowering CONCEPT masters exemplify, empowering their lives, is the limitless understanding, that we are ONE with all that is.

The limited consciousness of this duality actually once had us experience the world as flat. We still experience the stars, planets and sun as revolving around our world. Though we know in our minds that this is not so, we still experience it that way from our vantage point, limited as it is. We have a hard time not seeing ourselves as the center of the universe. We are inclined to believing “we are all that is important” and everything else revolves around us.

This consciousness contains the seeds of “oneness” consciousness (i.e. we are all that is), yet still facilitates a very limited view of what “all that is” is.

For millennia, we have designed explanations of the beings we have encountered that do not live on Earth. We have placed these beings in vague places like Heaven. They are romanticized as angels, gods etc. Angels may be an acceptable description of some of the ethereal beings living in inter-dimensional realms other than Earth’s elemental world, but there are many other beautiful beings, in our limitless divine family. Many beings dwell in elemental forms on planets other than Earth and in far away star systems.

Why would we question whether there is an extraterrestrial connection between us, and the vast universe when it is a fact that 99.9999999…% ad infinitum of “all that is” is not on this planet and is therefore extraterrestrial. Nearly every culture has mythology of their original ancestors coming from the heavens.

There are hundreds of billions of us in human form living extra-terrestrially around the universe, and this does not include the numerous other elemental, ethereal as well as inter-dimensional beings, who are part of our family right here on Earth.

Our family members who live in other places in our vast universe are quite diverse. Some incarnate into elemental bodies, taking many forms. The human form is designed in the image of the ethereal form the original Mother and Father of this universe, preferred and enjoyed in the Central Sun and it is a very popular choice of expression around the universe.

Many beings live in purely ethereal forms, as in the realms of Arcturus. Those who chose to explore and experience dense elemental forms developed in ways that reflected the planets and star systems they colonized. All are part of our divine family and our equals.

There are different levels of consciousness everywhere, the same as on our planet. Being technologically advanced does not mean possessing higher consciousness, anymore than those of us with higher technological development on Earth necessarily have higher consciousness than those of us with less technological development.

Many of our family members are extremely technologically advanced. They eagerly look forward to the time, soon, when the consciousness we have developed on Earth is ready to spread to their home worlds.

We have not always lived on this planet. In the scheme of eternity we are extraterrestrials incarnated for a short time on this planet. This is a higher way of seeing ourselves than the very limited way we usually do. Allowing ourselves to see our true identity, we now know that we are not helpless little limited beings being influenced and manipulated by angels, gods or even extraterrestrials. We are eternal beings doing experiential research, and it is almost shift change. As you can tell, we are all watching the clock.

Loving Light,

David Williamson

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