You Are An Inter-dimensional Being Having Human Experiences

Key concepts and understandings, available to all of us now, are embraced by masters and spiritual leaders and used in creating their experiences.

The masters embraced and personally owned their direct connection to the highest divine consciousness available for experience in their paradigm, that of the Oneness of all things. This was their principal CONCEPT and the source of empowerment in their creations.

The master incarnation of the CHRIST consciousness 2000 years ago tested the re-activation of the DNA we had allowed to be de-activated 13 millennia ago in our quest to heal the warrior consciousness of the universe. This important incarnation planted many significant seeds in our consciousness on this planet at that time. It has taken a, seemingly, long time to germinate (though 2000 years is but a moment in the eternity of the Oneness). The seed “I and the Father are one” has finally begun to break through the seemingly impervious consciousness of separation that has caused so many destructive wars throughout the universe.

Owning our direct connection to, and embodiment of, our divine consciousness is possible now, through the paradigm being released by the new energy being deployed by the recent adjustments to the planet’s magnetic grid. This present re-activation of our, so called, “junk” DNA (actually the inter-dimensional connection to our eternal selves) has manifested as many of us remembering and accepting our true divine eternal identities.

As the new energy rallies this awakening in so many of us, we are now experiencing our divinity and connection to the Oneness of all that is. Starting, sometimes with just a mental concept of the Oneness, we evolve to a deeper understanding of our eternal origins and who we really are.

The understanding of being eternal beings comes about in stages. Accepting our immortality is difficult for many of us at first. Understanding that we will live forever, in one form or another, into the future goes along with the paradigm we were brought up with. It is the realization that we have also lived forever into the past that many find hard to wrap their minds around.

Actually remembering a few of our incarnations throughout the eternity of the past is a common experience. Having memories beyond a few hundred or, for some a few thousand years ago, perhaps as far back as Atlantis or Lemuria is possible for some of us. With much endeavor, some of us are able to remember parts of, if not all of, our eternal life.

There has been very limited consciousness on this planet for thousands of years. We voluntarily allowed our lives to become ensnared in the densest duality ever known in the universe. The healing and unifying consciousness that is breaking forth on the planet is penetrating the near overwhelming amnesia of the past. It is time for us all to awaken and remember our true identities.

Loving Light,

David Williamson

More Soon!

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